Daniele Minestrini, designer of 152 stores.

by Luca Falovo

152 Store, a 700 m2 multi-brand concept store in the city of Perugia was born in 2013, from the idea of ​​Luca Falovo and the hand of Daniele Minestrini, designer and expert in the retail-design sector.

Right here and now we feel like sending him a small tribute, a greeting, almost perhaps to sum up an Italian-American career that is prodigious and that never ceases to amaze us.

As recently appeared in an article by Listone Giordano:

"Daniele has ranged far and wide, experimenting with very different places and functions, taking up the challenge of "dressing" to measure discos and scenographic sets, buildings and shops of all sizes and types; among which one particularly caro 152 in Perugia, anticipating the hybridization trend between virtual and physical channels.An innovative project that saw the on-line shop come to life first and then the physical one seven years ago, when this reality was far less common and distant from customers' buying habits."

daniele minestrini

A project, that of 152 stores, which we all remember well, whole nights deciding exhibition spaces, design of stairs, lights; whole hours planning the spaces of the bar to organize events, all down to the smallest detail.

For this we will never tire of thanking him, who now enjoys himself, as always, designing mega stores in New York.

Who knows, maybe one day 152 stores won't be able to open overseas.

152 store entrances